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Waterfall Cove is owner operational and passionate about our business; we aspire to building lifelong relationships with you, combining charm, individuality, dedication, and meticulous planning to ensure your wedding; function; event runs flawlessly.

You have dreamt of Your wedding; function; event celebration and now it has become a reality.

So many tasks to do; budgets’ to stick to and then the stress levels set in!!!

This is not how it’s meant to be; that’s why at Waterfall Cove we share the journey with you!!!

Waterfall Cove knows a wedding; function; event should capture your essence and personality and that Your dream day is full of various events and formalities that can be daunting as you are the centre of attention; there is no second opportunity to re-walk the entrance into the hall or re-do the opening speech or the opening dance.

To ensure Your dream day’s events are executed flawlessly we conduct monthly 1½ hour workshops or more frequent longer workshops with you from date of booking up until Your wedding; function; event.

Together we will design and plan Your entire wedding; function; event.

On average it takes from 5 – 8 workshops to plan and design Your wedding; function; event.  We do not have a limit on the number of work-shops; we continue until the designing and planning is perfect.

For the work-shops we will physically set up the guest table; the main table (if applicable) and the Chapel benches.

We also know that it takes time to plan and design and therefore we do work-shops after-hours during week-days or during normal work hours if you have the flexibility to do so and on Sundays.  We therefore do not interrupt your daily stressful work or study life; you don’t have to ask for time off work or put in leave to plan Your wedding; function; event.

You will receive a set of minutes after each work-shop that keeps you updated of the design and planning progress.

Work-shops entail:

  • For our first work-shop will go through the entire wedding; function; event requirements and work on themes and colours.
  • We will advise you of small but critical details such as the time to get married (depending on the time of year) and when to have your RSVP’s in to name a few so that when you print or email your invites you will have a clear indication of the details required on your invite.
  • Guest table design for the next 2 – 4 or how-ever many work-shops required to capture Your dream theme table design
  • Main table (if required)
  • Entrance hall and food serving area
  • Cake table, gift table, awards table etc.
  • Wedding; function; event details (menu, guest seating board, toasting, timing of the events of the day; bouquets, etc.)
  • Table seating plan and layout of the tables in the hall
  • 1 month before Your wedding; function; event we re-cap the entire wedding; function; event to ensure all details are correct
  • 1 week before Your wedding; function; event we do a full rehearsal; we will walk the walk through all the formalities and obstacles to de-stress you and to set your mind at ease.
  • We will guide the Master of Ceremony of all the requirements and formalities of the day.
  • Please bring cameras as dry runs are lots of fun and it’s a time for the team to get to know each other