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Waterfall Cove is nestled on a herb farm in the riparian forest along the banks of the Mid Crocodile River known as the “Muldersdrift se Loop” in Muldersdrift.  We are in close proximity between Johannesburg and surrounding north, east and west towns and cities as well as Pretoria and within a 20 minute drive from Lanseria airport and under a 5 minute drive from the nearest shopping centre and casino.

Waterfall Cove is an exclusive ALL-IN-ONE; ONE-FUNCTION-ONLY forest wheel-chair and pram friendly venue!

Waterfall Cove is EXCLUSIVELY YOURS for the day!!

You shouldn’t have to share a garden for photos; you should not have to worry if you are late for the ceremony; no time limit to the use of the Chapel, this is Your Day; Your Wedding. Waterfall Cove does not restrict you to a minimum number of guests; we understand and are flexible to your every need.

We have created a variety of photo-shoot spots to capture Your memories of Your Wedding. Photographers have commented they love our effort to assist them in creating a master piece of emotions.

We have a charming vintage 1952 London double decker bus which you can use at no extra charge.  Her name is Bessie.

For your peace of mind we have a huge 60KVA automatic switch over generator.  No stress if there are power outages; it is our duty to provide you with a functional operational venue and therefore we do not charge you for the use of the generator in the event of power outages.

Reception Hall Weddings

Waterfall Cove reception hall has been designed to accommodate from tiny intimate weddings up to 200 guests with a large dance floor; 280 guests with a smaller dance floor and 300 guests with a small dance floor

We are a family owned venue and believe in family love and therefore we have a kiddies room leading off from the inside of the reception hall so that children can be children and mommies need not worry as they are in the reception hall and can check up on them.  The room is private so that nursing mommies can feed and change baby’s nappies and still be a part of the festivities.

Waterfall Cove reception hall ceilings have been draped with over a 1000m of draping with huge wrought iron chandeliers.

We have air-cons to heat and cool the reception hall to a comfortable ambiance throughout summer and winter months.

Picnic Weddings

A wedding needs to be as unique and as different as you are!!! Enjoy a contemporary picnic wedding reception set up under the trees along the banks of the river with the sound of the waterfall as your background music.

A picnic set up fee of R2, 000 is applicable.

Our picnic spots are set up using high density foam mattresses which we decorate in Your theme.  Your guests will be comfortable and will relax as they will not just sit on a blanket on the hard ground.

We have picnic spots next to the waterfall and along the edge of the river under the trees.

If it gets a little cold we can also set up bon fires – the wood and fire lighters to be supplied by the bride and groom, Waterfall Cove will prepare the bon-fires and light them when instructed by you.

If the weather does not permit we have our reception hall which we will set up in Your theme.

The following applicable per picnic spot:

  • High density foam mattress.
    • White covers for the mattress
  • 2 X white continental pillows
    • Organza and taffeta ties for the continental cushions in a colour to suit the theme.
  • Haystacks per picnic spot covered for guests to sit on for those who cannot sit down on the picnic spot.
  • A few chairs will be added to each picnic spot.
  • We will also set up tables for the aged/frail guests who will not be able to sit at a picnic spot.
  • 1 x army trommel padded out in white – “picnic basket” per picnic spot or we can set up a buffet area.
  • The army trommels will be placed at each picnic spot and will contain:
    • Crockery: plates; side plates and pudding bowls
    • Cutlery
    • Foods as per the chosen menu
      • Some of the foods will be in take-away containers
      • Some of the foods will be on plates
      • Breads are wrapped in brown paper bags and tied with ribbon etc.
    • Napkins
    • Paper serviettes
    • Dishing up spoons
    • Juice, champagne and glasses will be served separately to each picnic spot
  • Food can be packed and served per trommel or the foods can be served buffet style in chafing dishes

Out-Door Forest Dome Ceremony

There is a set-up fee for our Out-Door Forest Dome Ceremony as we set up both the out-door and the in-door Chapel for you in the event of rain.

We have two options:

  • Amphi-theatre style
  • Dome alongside the river bank close to the waterfall
  • Both areas have ever-green grass and plenty trees

We use Chapel benches with back rests so that your guests will be comfortable.

The Chapel décor items (red carpet, benches, registry table, unity table, DJ table, confetti table, confetti holders, flower stands, flower vases) are free and will be designed during the Chapel décor work-shop.

The use of our red-carpet, confetti stands and décor is free.

Amphi-Theatre Chapel

The amphi-theatre Chapel has a square gazebo which can be draped to suit your theme.

The area is paved.

We have a huge gate behind the gazebo which we open.  The forest is your back-drop.


The dome river bank Chapel is set up along the banks of the river very close to the waterfall.

The dome can be draped in white with the edges of the dome draped with ivy and rose garlands.

We erect a chandelier to the top front dome frame.

The area is grassed with ever-green grass and is under the trees.

In-door Chapel Ceremonies

Designed to have the feeling of out-doors but the comfort of in-doors seating up to 220 guests.

The Chapel has 4 x 3m huge sliding doors that can be opened to allow natural breeze to flow through the Chapel.

Beautiful exposed timber trusses with 4 chandeliers down the run-way.

Comfortable Chapel benches (with back support) and we supply cushions for those who need.

The Chapel décor items (red carpet, benches, registry table, unity table, DJ table, confetti table, confetti holders, flower stands, flower vases) are free and will be designed during the Chapel décor work-shop.

We have carefully designed the entrance to the Chapel to allow for wedding cars to pull up to the front door under-cover in the event of rain.

The front wall of the Chapel has a frame for t-light candles which adds romance to the ceremony ambience.

Waterfall Cove is wheel-chair and pram friendly with space allocated in the Chapel for wheel-chairs and prams.


You have dreamt of Your Wedding Day and now it has become a reality.  So many tasks to do; budgets’ to stick to and then the worry sets in!!!  This is not how it’s meant to be; that’s why at Waterfall Cove we share the journey with you!!!

Waterfall Cove knows a wedding should capture your essence and personality and that Your dream day is full of various events and formalities that can be daunting as you are the centre of attention; there is no second opportunity to re-walk the entrance into the Chapel or re-do the opening dance.

To ensure Your dream day’s events are executed flawlessly we conduct monthly 1½ hour workshops or more frequent longer workshops with you from date of booking up until Your wedding.

On average it takes from 5 – 8 workshops to plan and design Your wedding; but we do not have a limit on the number of work-shops; we continue until the designing and planning is perfect.

We also know that it takes time to plan and design and therefore we do work-shops after-hours during week-days or during normal work hours if you have the flexibility to do so and on Sundays. 

We therefore do not interrupt your daily stressful work or study life; you don’t have to ask for time off work or put in leave to plan Your wedding.

You will receive a set of minutes after each work-shop that keeps you updated of the design and planning progress.


Together we will design and plan Your entire wedding.

For the work-shops we will physically set up the guest table, bridal table and Chapel benches.

Planning and design work-shops entail:

  • For our first work-shop will go over the entire wedding requirements and work on themes and colours.
  • Guest table design for the next 2 – 3 or how-ever many work-shops required to capture Your dream theme table design
  • Main table
  • Chapel
  • Entrance hall and food serving area
  • Cake table, gift table, awards table etc.
  • Wedding details (menu, guest seating board, toasting, bouquets; timing of the events of the day; etc.)
  • Table seating plan and layout of the tables in the hall
  • 1 month before Your wedding we re-cap the entire wedding to ensure all details are correct
  • 1 week before Your wedding we do a full rehearsal; we will walk the walk through all the formalities and obstacles to de-stress you and to set your mind at ease.
  • We will guide the master of ceremonies (MC) as to all the requirements and formalities of the day.
  • Please bring cameras as dry runs are lots of fun and it’s a time for the bridal party, parents etc. to get to know each other


Your personal co-ordinator will conduct the workshops with you on a monthly basis with no limit to the number of workshops.

During one of the work-shops we will plan the timing of the events of the day.

One week before the wedding we will do a full rehearsal (dry run) walking through all the formalities and ironing out any obstacles to de-stress you and set your mind at ease.

During the dry run which is usually on a Sunday afternoon one week before the wedding we go through all the details physically walking into the Chapel, entrance into the hall, opening dance, dad daughter dance / mom son dance etc.  We go through the entire wedding events of the day with the MC and we give guidance to the MC.

Your personal co-ordinator will stay with you for the duration of the entire wedding leading the MC throughout the events and formalities that can be daunting.


Weddings can be costly; therefore to ease the finances all Waterfall Cove décor items of which we have plenty are free (kindly refer to décor listing).  You will only supply perishable items such as candles, batteries for fairy lights, flowers, napkin dressings, guest favours, personalized stationery (table number cards, guest name cards, table seating cards, menu cards etc.) or any décor we do not have.

Waterfall Cove supplies crushed organza overlays and chair tie backs and crushed taffeta runners in any colour of your choice.

We have an abundance of taffeta, paisley and damask runners to choose from but should we not have your colours; we will source your colour in taffeta and organza at no extra expense to you.

Waterfall Cove various themed decor items are included free; we have named a few themes but there are endless opportunities for new themes: vintage, forest, ocean, Gatsby, rustic, crystals, shabby chic, casino, carnival; enchanted garden, beach, fantasy, fairies, movie, travel, classic, farm, winter wonderland, autumn, spring, peacock, lord of the rings, wild life, Italian Napoli, wine, 50’s diner, denim and lace, geometric and steam punk etc.

We work together with you on a theme for Your wedding that will capture Your essence.

Our menus have been designed carefully and trial tested using family and traditional recipes.

We use the finest and freshest of ingredients to achieve the finest results.

We are flexible to your needs should you wish to change or add items to the menu.

We have a variety of menus to choose from.

We do cater for wheat, lactose, preservative free; gluten intolerant; vegan, vegetarian and Halaal or any special dietary requirement guests.

Menu costs vary depending on your choice of menu and changes that you may make to the menu.

Should children eat off the same menu there is no charge for children aged 4 and under and 50% menu charge for children over the age of 4 but under the age of 13.

At Waterfall Cove we know guests have seconds and even thirds and are hungry after dancing the night away; therefore we do not remove our foods; the foods remain at the serving area for the guests to enjoy throughout the evening.

You are most welcome to arrange a food tasting which we do on Sunday evenings on a pre-booked basis with your selected guests only.  We do not share food tastings with any other guests.

The cost of the food tasting is the cost of the proposed menu choice.



  • Full planning and coordination for the venue with work-shops on a monthly basis from date of booking up until your wedding – no limit to the number of workshops
  • Personal Wedding Coordinator
  • Waterfall Cove’s Precious Exclusive to You Venue for the day (In-Door Chapel and In-Door Hall)
  • If the Ceremony is held in our out-door Chapel there is a set-up service fee
  • Chapel Decorations: Organza draping / bows on the Chapel Benches, Pulpit; Registry Table; Candle Table; Flower Stands, Red Carpet 21m x 1.2m
  • Reception Hall setting up and decorating Waterfall Cove Tables and Chairs using Waterfall Cove available décor items.  If décor items are out-sourced by other suppliers the outsourced suppliers to set up the décor items to avoid discrepancies with damages / losses to the out-sourced décor items
  • Pulpit with light in the Hall
  • Waterfall Cove Tables (round or rectangular), Wooden tables, Standard Chairs (up to 200 guests) with white, black or cream cushions and White Tiffany Chairs (up to 300 guests) with white cushions (Free special offer)
  • White / Black / Brown / Cream Crushed Velvet Table Cloths.
  • Cream and White Damask table cloths at a small hiring charge for our large double tables and single tables
  • Crushed Organza Overlays over the entire Table in any colour to suit Your theme – if we do not have your colour we will purchase your colour
  • Crushed Taffeta Runners to suit your Wedding Theme Colours (Guest, Bridal and Wedding Cake Tables) – if we do not have your colour we will purchase your colour
  • White / Black / Cream high density foam Chair Cushions
  • White / Black / Cream Chair Back Covers
  • Crushed Organza Chair Tie Back draping in any colour to suit Your Wedding Theme Colours – if we do not have your colour we will purchase your colour
  • Chair back decorations – pearl strings, diamante bracelets, diamante hearts, tear drop crystal beads, ribbons, lace, hessian bows and taffeta roses in the colour of the wedding, ivy leaves.
  • Crystal and Pearl strings (for the Chapel benches)
  • Crystal and Pearl strings (for the table runners and decor)
  • White; Black and Cream Material Napkins – Napkin decorations to be supplied by the Bride and Groom; Waterfall Cove will assemble the Napkin decorations for you
  • Standard Eetrite Stainless Steel Cutlery
  • Standard White Crockery
  • Standard Glassware – White & Red Wine and Champagne Glasses
  • Under-plates: Stainless Silver, Gold, Wine Red, Shabby cream and Wooden.  Silver-plated at a charge of R5 including vat per Under-plate
  • Table Centre Candle Stands (Waterfall Cove’s standard available items); Silver Candelabra’s, Tall Wrought Iron Candle Stands, Squiggle shape Wrought Iron stands, Rectangular Wrought Iron stands, Wooden Crates, Tree log rounds, Steam punk galvanised and copper stands
  • Geometrical shaped décor items
  • Mirrors: flat square; large and medium beaded round mirrors; large, small and long mirror boxes, shallow small and medium mirror boxes
  • Diamante crystal décor: large and small rounds, round t-light candle vases, rectangle, lanterns and table number holders
  • Bird cages – tall round shaped, small square shaped and very small white round shaped
  • Lanterns: White Nautical; Vintage bronze; Western / farm theme; matt silver
  • White and natural brown decorative trees
  • Reed hearts, medium and small balls
  • Silverware: small, medium and large round holders
  • Glass beads – in colours to suit the theme
  • Stone pebbles
  • Sea shells
  • Gift and Cake Table – set up in the theme
  • Cake knife and server and our super fun sword
  • London style Red Post Box for monetary gifts; decorated gift table
  • Safe to Lock up Valuables* (Waterfall Cove takes no responsibility for any loss in valuables)
  • Waterfall Cove standard Table Number Frames (Waterfall Cove Standard items).  The frame inners to be supplied by the bride and groom
  • Menu boards: large and small, small pallet, door, chess board, chalk board
  • Guest seating board: large board draped in the colours of the wedding, rusted mattress, step ladders, white vintage door
  • Venue Decoration (Waterfall Cove’s standard available items – pop onto our gallery to get an idea of the décor items)
  • Vinyl Records
  • Battery Operated Fairy-Light 2m length strands (white and soft candle light)(excluding the AA Batteries) and Battery Operated T-Light Candles (batteries excluded)
  • Various theme based décor items: vintage, ocean, Gatsby, winter wonderland, autumn, rustic, crystals, shabby chic, casino, carnival; enchanted garden, beach, fantasy, fairies, forest, farm, classic, nautical, 50’s diner, denim and lace, geometric and steam punk etc.
  • We are equipped with a 60 KVA generator; you therefore have no power outage concerns
  • Kiddies Room / Babies Room with bed for children to sleep or for moms to change nappies and feed their babies
  • Air- conditioned Hall
  • Exclusive Studio if you book your Make-up with our in-house Make-up Artist
  • 3 x Guest Rooms and a Bridal Suite on the day and evening of your Wedding
  • Tree-planting Ceremony (Waterfall Cove donates a tree for our Brides and Grooms to plant on Waterfall Cove’s premises in celebration of Your Wedding).  All our Brides and Grooms plant a tree on their Wedding Day. We supply the tree, dig and prepare the hole for your Wedding Day so that all you do is place the tree into the prepared hole and do a scoop or two of sand into the hole.   We have the option to include the parents with small tins and watering cans.  We have prepared special wording linking love and marriage to a tree as a guidance (but you are most welcome to use your own wording) for one of your guests to say to the guests.
  • Special Message Overlay (Waterfall Coves Gift to You – your guests write their personal message to you on a white overlay which is your memento of your Special Day)



  • Chosen food menus
  • Welcome drinks
  • Welcome snacks
  • Toasting drinks
  • Flowers
  • Bouquets and button holes
  • Candles
  • Batteries for battery operated fairy lights and battery operated t-light candles
  • Personalised stationery (table name cards, guest name cards, guest board seating cards, menu cards, invites, etc.)
  • Baby sitters
  • Minister
  • Wedding favours
  • Confetti
  • Wedding Cake
    • Waterfall Cove speciality: pure Belgium chocolate cups filled with Belgium chocolate mousse and topped with a chocolate brownie and finished off with a chocolate whisper
  • Wedding cake stands
  • Candy bar
  • Pop-corn machine
  • Projector and screen
  • Draping
    • Our ceilings have been draped with 1000 metres of draping. We do not charge you for the ceiling draping.
    • We do not remove the ceiling draping.
    • Should you wish to add draping to the walls there will be an additional cost based on the draping requirements.
    • Fairy lights can be added to the ceiling draping – there is a set-up fee to install ceiling fairy lights.
  • Music
    • The DJ to be SAMRO and SAMPRA licensed.
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Graphic designer


Our rooms are competitively priced per room and not per person.


  • The Bridal Suite is close to the waterfall and has a King Extra Length Size Bed with 2 bathrooms and a private out-door double hot shower:
    • Bathroom 1: Shower, Hand Basin and Toilet
    • Bathroom 2: Huge bath with one way glass looking onto the forest
    • The Bridal Suite is free on the day and night of your wedding



  • 18 Guest Rooms – sleeps 2. 3 of the 18 guest rooms are free on the day and night of your wedding
  • 4 x Family Rooms – sleeps 4 – 5 per family room
  • 1 x Large Family Room – sleeps 6 – 8 per large family room
  • All the rooms do not have TV’s
    • 16 guest rooms have king size extra length beds
    • 2 guest rooms have queen size extra length beds
    • Each guest room has a bathroom with shower, toilet and hand-basin

Breakfasts can be arranged at an additional cost:

  • Full breakfast; continental or hot budget breakfast available on request.


    • Family rooms have the following
    • 2 separate closed off rooms:
      • 1 room with queen extra length bed
      • 1 room with 2 x single beds
      • 1 bathroom with toilet, shower, hand basin
    • 2 separate closed off rooms:
      • 1 room with king extra length bed
      • 1 room with 2 x single beds
      • 1 bathroom with toilet, shower, hand basin
  • FAMILY ROOM 3 and ROOM 4
    • Open plan room:
      • 1 king extra length bed
      • 1 ¾ bed
      • 1 double bed
      • 1 bathroom with toilet, shower, hand basin
    • 3 separate closed off rooms:
      • 2 closed off rooms with king extra length beds
      • 1 closed off room with 2 x double beds
      • 1 bathroom with toilet, shower, hand basin